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As a young boy, growing up in England, Sam was always fascinated by the way magicians could do things that he didn't think were possible. As he grew older, he began exploring the art of magic and it didn’t take long before he was investing many hours a day practicing and performing at any opportunity that he had.

He soon took up juggling in order to add more variety to his show and it didn’t take long before he was being booked at all different types of events. As the years went by, Sam became very interested in the life and magic of Harry Houdini, and today he performs many of Houdini’s escape routines. Sam says that most of his dangerous tricks were inspired by Houdini. Another big interest of Sam has always been Mind reading. Many of these effects are achieved by reading body language and using the power of suggestion.

After living and performing in the New York area for 18 years, Sam recently relocated to South Florida. When not performing, Sam spends his time working on new material and ideas to incorporate into his performances.

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